Move in May!

From Emma (on Instagram):

Today was a beautiful celebration of equality and inclusion thanks to @moveinmay by @standupevents. Angie aka @gagagreene is a constant source of inspiration for all of us. She is bashing a path of equality which will save lives. Today my daughters got a chance to dance in the safe space she has created. They danced with a bunch of women who inspire me daily and to whom they already look up to. These women @meghutchins25 @meggielaura@_katiebrennan @melissahickey18@alisonsmirnoff @samjanelane@thisisjessharris and @darcyvee are pioneers who bash a path for us all too. We danced our hearts out today. Angie, you are Princess Poppy to me and my little trolls, you are creating a corner of the world I want to live in. Huge shout out to @uncannyannieblog and @murphybrownthelab who I had the pleasure to chat to. Love is love is love and this is my love letter to you Angie. Em X🌈🌈🌈 #moveinmay #loveislove

For more information about Move in May HERE!