Riding the Inflatable Unicorn

We talk team psychology, Brownlow predictions and dealing with hard knocks. Kate spoke to the awesome crew who have organised the Belly Up Cup. The cup is an all womens' match between Upwey/Tecoma and Belgrave in honour of the late Leanne Gorry. With over 50 players from each club participating, it has grown into something quite amazing. 

The app Lucy mentioned for concussion is HeadCheck and the podcast: Unsociable Game, a new podcast that focuses on the links between community footy (Australian Rules) and repeat concussions, against the backdrop of a governing body (the AFL) that grapples with how to enact effective policy measures across all levels of the game.

Kate spoke about the I.A.A.F. Here's an article from the New York Times.

We spoke about 'enlightened racism'. Here's an article by Trevor Grant.

Alicia mentioned the psychology behind the English team in the World Cup.