March 2: Whole New Ball Game

Kirby Bentley shares her footy story and her best Dennis Cometti impersonation, Shae Sloane describes how she found her way back to football and Chyloe Kurdas on what's going wrong at Collingwood. Plus: participation rates in female footy are rising but what are the growing pains?


Feb 23: Political Football

Craig Foster takes us inside the Save Hakeem campaign and reveals the passion for Australian values driving him, GWS coach Alan McConnell on conferences and creating history and Kangaroos assistant coach LJ Morecroft on pathways for women and North's dominating midfield.


Feb 16: On the Munny

Kangaroos dominate Friday night footy, the ACL club, bridesmaid rashies and the power of sport and predictions. Special guests: Izzy Huntington, Sabrina Frederick-Traub and Sarah Perkins.

Filibustering with the pregnant captain

AFLW superstar Daisy Pearce joins us to talk pregnancy, coaching and to preview season 3. Plus Chyloe Kurdas tells us which young guns to keep an eye on. We also take a trip to Kardinia Park and Arden Street, and discuss the make up of the conferences in a way only the Outer Sanctum can.


The Big Dance

Our final pod for the year called for some extra special Sanctumers. We are so grateful that award winning journalist (and pod sister) Caroline Wilson could melee with us. And we were thrilled to welcome VFLW Premiership coach Patrick Hill back for a chat. Thanks also to former Sydney Swans captain and premiership player Brett Kirk for talking to us about mindfullness and his new podcast called Mindfully which you can find on the ABC Listen App.

Thanks especially to you lot, the actual heart and soul of the Outer Sanctum. We love our community and feel like the FAMILY is growing. You give us so much joy and energy, and you teach us all so much. Thank you for the conversations we are all having in the Outer. We will continue to chat with you all via FB, Insta and Twitter while we take a break from podding.

Go Footy! xo


Bodies Talk

We talk "free" agency, gender diversity, and Colin Kaepernick. Our interview is with Dr J. R. Latham, Honorary Fellow at The University of Melbourne, and an expert on transgender health and medicine and it's social implications.

Up at Carlisle

We talk ticketing issues, Serena's tutu, and losing our collective minds. Special guest Fiona Vines, on BHP's ambitious plan for gender equality.

We spoke about the wonderful footballers at Lake Nash.

One of Australia’s leading sports psychologists has revealed he’s been in to see AFL footy boss Steve Hocking to voice his concerns over clubs using “pseudo-psychologists”.

Natalie Wood has become part of Geelong Cats history, the first female coach to be appointed to a full-time role with the club.




Line in the Sand

Our new episode is here and Rana Hussain, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Richmond FC, is a special guest podder.

We discuss AFLW, that punch, and the incredible round that was. We also chat with Lucy Milkeraitis about the Breast Cancer Network Australia and this weekend's Field of Women.


A Blues is Not a Thing

We talk 'game adjustments', toughness and weakness, and THAT goal. Special guest is George Megalogenis talking about his book The Football Solution: How Richmond’s premiership can save Australia.

Lucy mentioned the struggles of Indigenous players and their need to be listened to. This article is by Jake Niall.

Kate spoke about Billie Jean King on Desert Island Discs.



Sharing the Grass

Bonding in the field, brawling off the field, and finding ways to share the space. Special guest, author and playwright Emilie Collyer.

Emilie's play Contest is on until August 4. For more information and tickets, please go to the Darebin Arts website.

Kate spoke about Tom Boyd opening up about mental health issues.






Riding the Inflatable Unicorn

We talk team psychology, Brownlow predictions and dealing with hard knocks. Kate spoke to the awesome crew who have organised the Belly Up Cup. The cup is an all womens' match between Upwey/Tecoma and Belgrave in honour of the late Leanne Gorry. With over 50 players from each club participating, it has grown into something quite amazing. 

The app Lucy mentioned for concussion is HeadCheck and the podcast: Unsociable Game, a new podcast that focuses on the links between community footy (Australian Rules) and repeat concussions, against the backdrop of a governing body (the AFL) that grapples with how to enact effective policy measures across all levels of the game.

Kate spoke about the I.A.A.F. Here's an article from the New York Times.

We spoke about 'enlightened racism'. Here's an article by Trevor Grant.

Alicia mentioned the psychology behind the English team in the World Cup.

Selling the Dream

We talk to Brisbane Lions Women’s CEO Breeanna Brock and hear from past winners of the Football Woman of the Year Award, Bec Goddard, Debbie Lee, Jan Cooper and Daisy Pearce.

Tension. Suspension. Redemption

Our new episode is up. We’re thrilled to be joined by Professor Sarah Joseph, Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University and Bulldogs AFLW premiership star & obstetrician Dr Tiarna Ernst. We take an in-depth look at the big talking point of the week: when things go wrong in the commentary box. 

NB: there’s some sensitive content this week.

New episode available now via the ABC Listen App or your favourite podcast platform. Listen on iTunes.


One of Sarah Joseph’s favourite things to do is to take photos in the style of U2 album covers. Of course we said “hell yeahhhhh” and so did Tiarna Ernst. 

We give you the cover for our new album “11:20”. 🕰📷 We were a bit more serious on the pod.

One of the things we discussed this week is the tension and discomfort that often accompanies attempts to call out inappropriate behaviour and action. 

Kate raised the current debate about 'civility' and reminded us that often calls for civility are really an attempt to shut down discussion and to slow down change. She reminded us of Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham Jail in which he criticised those who prefer "a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice."

Read here in VOX.