The Premiership Quarter

"The Premiership Quarter"

Time for last tips and omens. Broadcast pioneer Kelli Underwood and Western Bulldogs premiership player Jordan Roughead are our guests.


Finals Are Coming

The Finals are Coming

What happens when a player is delisted? Finals omen watch, racism and the AFLW State of Origin.

Our guest is former West Coast Eagle, Mitch Brown.


Brown says he was on the cusp of re-signing with the club when he was axed. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo. The Age

Lay Bye

We talk finals, the AFLW State of Origin and footballers doing good work. 

We discuss the changing significance of race and racism in the context of sport with Dr Stella Coram. 

Elisabeth Tuckey, CEO of Ladder, and Ebony Marinoff, Ladder Ambassador and 2017 Rising Star, tells us about how AFL players are helping to tackle youth homelessness. 

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All Bets Are Off

"All Bets Are Off" 

Fairytale endings, $2 pies and the AFL's relationship with gambling. 

Our guests are Dr Charles Livingstone, previously a member of the Australian Government's Expert Advisory Group on Gambling, and Carl Dilena, CEO of North Melbourne Football Club. Our friend Fiona Newton of Chicks Talking Footy - JOY 94.9 gives us the lowdown on an important visit to AFL House. 


Bending the Arc

"Bending the Arc"

A word on the world and behaving badly (yet again). And don't freak out, but our guest is SAM MITCHELL. (I trust you'll all be cooler with this than Emma was.) We finally get to the bottom of the 2008 Grand Final palm cards mystery!

Rules Football

When Human Rights meets sport. More retirements, MRP and Kick and Covfefe! We give you some audio from our Kick and Coffee event and talk to Dr Sarah Joseph, Director for the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law.

Holding Hams

"Holding Hams"

Multicultural inclusion, off-field ins and outs and a new segment: Stupid Watch.

The delightful Rana Hussein tells us about her role as Marketing & Fan Development Co-ordinator (Diversity) at Richmond FC.

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It's Complicated

Workplace relationships, mysterious broadcast deals and Pride footy. Dan Ziffer, ABC journo and producer, discusses what he uncovered regarding the Foxtel deal, and Jason Ball calls in ahead of this weekend's Pride game.

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With Attitude

Crowd behaviour, The General retires and navigating the mercy rule. 

We were joined in the Melee by our good friend, Julia Chiera - coach at Darebin Falcons and co-host of one of our fave podcasts, This AFL Life. And Kate caught up with Jamin Heppell to hear about how he is making a difference for young people via the sport that they love. 

Growing up, Jamin Heppell loved his footy and aspired to be a player but a knee injury thwarted him. What he did next is truly game changing. Tune in to this week's episode and hear why this Heppell brother is also a legend.

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Always Mind the Bollocks

Coward punches, bad behaviour, the draw and a chat with special guests from North Melbourne’s The Huddle … with bonus footy songs and Celine watch.


This week it’s about character references, commentary corner, streakers and we chat to Shelley Ware of the Marngrook Footy Show.

Cliché. Period.

Often change happens at grassroots level. This week we talk about pride, community and inclusion. We address the Footy Show's transphobic comments but celebrate the festival of inclusion and football that was the Hamilton Pride Game. Jason Evans and Kate Boston Smith join us to talk about the Reclink Community Cup.

Thanks to the all the people who shared their thoughts and stories with us in Hamilton: Annie Nolan, Charles Beaton, Lachlan Beaton, Bridget Barker, Andrew Donald, Kevin Quinn, Libby Birch, Meg McDonald, Elise O'Dea, Ro Allen.

We were so lucky to have Julie on the podcast this week, telling us about the importance of the Pride Game to her family and to a country town. Julie is pictured here with her gorgeous friends Wendy and Terrielyn who we met in the outer - proving once again that the outer can be a pretty special place to be.

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Strap Yourselves In

"Strap Yourselves In"

It's finally happened - we've talked stats and facts. Ok, our guests may have helped! This week with chat with Josh Kay who does the stats for Channel 7's footy coverage. We also caught up with Emma Quayle who is an expert in the draft and recently left journalism for a recruiting gig at Greater Western Sydney Giants. 

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A Season in Two Halves

A Season of Two Halves

This week we address the mid-season hump in the "Season of Two Halves", jumper punching and rule of the week. We share a listener’s thoughts on family and footy, and we talk with Tracey Gaudry, Hawthorn’s new CEO, and the AFL’s first woman to take on this role.

Episode available now via the ABC Radio App or your favourite podcast platform.

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Pride in the Country

This week we raise the rainbow flag in regional Victoria. We talk about the upcoming VFL Women's game in Hamilton with one of the organisers @uncannyannieblog and the president of Darebin @leashl whose @darebinfalcons will take on @muwfcofficial in this Pride Game on June 17. We catch up with to Sarah Gehrig and Eliza Moore from Wangaratta (GO Alpine Lions!).


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A new perspective on Dreamtime Round through stories of grass roots and on-country projects around footy. We speak with Charlee-Sue Frail, AFL NSW/ACT’s Indigenous Programs Manager. We also meet Andy Mullins and Russell "Rusty" Smith' and hear how their relationship has inspired a magical experience for indigenous kids from Port Augusta.